Transportation Equity in Toronto

Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre | 750 Spadina Avenue Toronto, ON M5S 2J2

Transportation is about getting around in order to sustain ourselves, obtain our needs, access opportunities, and interact with each other. Active and sustainable transportation allows people to do that while contributing to our health, moving more people efficiently, creating community connections, minimizing our environmental impact, and providing more affordable transportation options. However, for many people in Toronto, active and sustainable transportation may be a dangerous and/or inconvenient option. How can Toronto improve access to active and sustainable transportation while enhancing the overall experience getting around the city? It’s time we deepen our discussions in Toronto by understanding that our identities (such as gender, race, class, sexual orientation, and physical/mental ability) shape our transportation needs and experiences moving around the city.

To move these discussions forward, Transportation Equity Toronto and Your City in Motion are hosting a film, discussion, and collaborative visioning event called Golden Gears taking place on April 22, 2018. Golden Gears will be the first of many events aimed at bringing an equity and intersectional lens to the way we talk about transportation in Toronto. 

Event will include:
• Films about bicycle advocacy and equity planning in the United States and abroad
• A panel discussion featuring diverse panelists with backgrounds in transportation planning and advocacy. 
• An interactive visioning activity for participants

- Percy Lezard, 2 Spirits, Ryerson University School of Social Work
- Yin Brown, City of Toronto Accessibility Advisory Committee, Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians
- Prisca Sebaratnam - Artist, Educator and Culture Critic
- Fiona Chapman, City of Toronto Transportation Services, Pedestrian Projects Unit

We invite practitioners, professionals, advocates, policy-makers, academics, politicians, and other folks interested in the fields of transportation, planning, social work, health, environment, anti-racism, anti-poverty, universal accessibility, indigenous rights and reconciliation, gender equality, engineering, design, and other disciplines. Come learn about global and local transportation equity initiatives, and add your voice to the conversation! Let’s come together to #MoveEquity in Toronto!